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June 15, 2020 4:49 am  #1

DIY Birdseed Blend

If you have a birdfeeder or 3 in your back yard be sure to keep them filled with goodies all year 'round.  We buy a lot of these ingredients at the local Feed Store and the dried fruit is too expensive to get at the health food store, so I just buy whatever the grocery store has on sale.  If nothing is on sale when I want it, I just wait until it is and then I stock up.  It's dried, after all, it's not going to go to waste before you use it.  And birds love the stuff, especially raisins.  We have a lot of blue jays and chickadees in the summer, and in winter we have mostly sparrows and some pretty, velvety looking gray (small) birds but I cannot think of the name right now. 

Give this a try, lots cheaper than the store-bought small bags.

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