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October 25, 2017 9:11 pm  #1

What is "gardening soil"??

There are lots of different kinds of bagged "soils" at your local hardware and plant centers every year, especially in spring.  I don't buy them but many people do.

I just use my local soil, add a bit of Azomite, use my pitchfork to mix it all together and go like mad!  The past two years have been HORRIBLE for growing anything, however, because the weather is not cooperating.  We had enough hail this year so that our whole house needed to be re-roofed (it was just done two year ago) and we had to stain the cedar board siding and repaint around all the windows, doors and garage doors.  We got beat to shit!  Anything that was in the ground got pounded.  I was able to move a few of my potted plants, but beyond that I didn't get a thing out of my garden at all for two years running.

All we can do is hope for a better year next year - - in more ways than one, but when it comes to growing my own food, I'm just about ready to go back to a greenhouse almost year round.  The hail would not have been able to damage the roofing on our newest greenhouse (which we usually only use in winter).

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