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June 1, 2020 11:26 pm  #1

If you loved Fred MacMurray

You'll love the last two links.  I would give anything to go back to these simpler times, because this is very much the same way I grew up.  You bought a house and added to it over the years.  The original house where I was raised (we had a ranch home AND an in-town home so us 5 kids could attend public school without worrying about the winter weather and getting back and forth from town to the ranch, 8 miles) had a section that someone added on decades before we bought it, and the foundation of that part of the house was made of what my family called "Russian Bricks".  They were mostly straw and mud and I have no clue what else, but something held them together!  It was the part of the house that become our laundry room.  According to this article, they probably should have been called Aztec Bricks.

8 miles doesn't sound like much but if no one was able to come and get us from school, we would have had to walk all that way and my Mom refused to let us do that when it was below zero for most of our 6 month (or more) long winters. 

Here's the video with Fred MacMurray's daughter as a guide of the house and narrator, as well.

And then there's this written piece (with many photos):

When you get to the part about the kitchen section and it shows the table they used, the tablecloth pictured is exactly like one I still have, which belonged to my Gramma "Farm".  I recently sewed up one small hole in a corner but otherwise it's exactly as it was when she used it.  I still use it on my table once in a while but I want to preserve it for my oldest granddaughter because, like me, she just fell in love with the thing! 

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