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May 27, 2020 4:00 am  #1

Whiskey in the "old west"

There are a few bars left (mostly up in Deadwood/Lead, or in some of the historic buildings around the State) that look almost identical to the one in the photo attached to this story.  Keystone has one, for sure.  They are gorgeous, made of real solid wood, not the plastic/rubbery crap of today being passed off as wood.  The mirrors on some of them are clouded (which is only natural after about 125 to 150 years, I guess.  But that makes these old-time bars even more beautiful to me, because it means they are authentic.

The rest of the story, who knows.  Could be true I suppose.  The "recipe" for old-time whiskey making sounds just horrible.  YUK!  But again, I suppose it could be true.

*** True West Magazine could desperately use a proofreader.  Their articles always have words either missing or misspelled.  I'd be ashamed to put out stuff that sloppy, but whatever.  The subject of the articles are usually interesting though, so maybe it just doesn't matter except to people like me.

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