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May 11, 2020 9:33 pm  #1

healing herbal poultices & the plants to use

When my kids were little squirts, they were outside all the time, and always came home with cuts and scrapes, or worse.  Lots of bug bites, too.  I always had herbal stuff around so we made poutices for everything, and I also kept a supply of lonesome socks (missing the mate!) usually white.  When my children were small, white socks were about all that was available and I always purchased cotton because my kids hated nylon or "slippery" (their word) socks.  A sock makes a great "bag" to put herbs in and are also easy to apply almost anywhere on the body.

There are some links included within these articles, so click on them and follow for MORE information, if you're interested.  Now I have grandkids and we still use a lot of poultices using herbs, leftover herbal tea bags, fresh plants - - just whatever I happen to have on hand.  There is some information online about this subject, however, I've noticed it disappearing quickly as of late.  You might want to do a search and buy your stuff - SOON.

Here's some of the plants from which to choose:

I wouldn't look forward to being able to plant your own, unless you've been savvy enough to save seeds, or if you have friends who also save seeds and will trade with you, or barter.  Almost every site I went to online is sold out of all this kind of thing (or so they say), so I can tell we have some tough times coming and growing our own stuff will become a thing of the distant past.  Our "overseers" are going to make sure we don't have access to any of this kind of "home treatment stuff".  We won't even be able to make our own tea - for drinking.


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