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April 15, 2020 11:54 pm  #1

Hand cleaning gel made at home

Not to be over-used because a certain amount of filth is necessary for human survival, as backwards as that may seem.  IOW, if you're a slob, you may be better off (health-wise) than you know!!

Taken from this link:

"Start an antibacterial gel formula with Aloe Vera, adding a small amount of witch hazel at a ratio of one-to-eight, and essential oils; a popular antibacterial combination is lavender and tea tree oil. Rosemary oil added to this formula will act as a natural preservative.To any essential oil blend, a few drops of vitamin E oil will not only act as a natural preservative but also will moisturize your hands.

NOTE:  ** I cannot tolerate the smell of tea tree oil, so I would substitute something else; not crazy about the smell of lavender EO's either.  I would likely just find other oils - they are all good at killing germs, actually.  Also, vitamin E oil is hard to keep, so I would probably use almond oil or coconut oil.Just have to play with the recipe.  Don't overuse the stuff, though.

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