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April 15, 2020 10:57 pm  #1

11 ways to use up stale bread

Now THIS is what I call a helpful piece of knowledge from The Spruce Eats site.  I always seem to have stale bread around because we have to buy bread in loaves and since my DH is now diabetic, he has to limit his bread intake.  I try to bake my own bread (with no, or very little sugar involved) because store bought breads are sometimes just loaded with sugar.  We used to love the bakery bread from a local place but it plays havoc with his blood sugar numbers so we've had to stop buying it.
We did a test a couple of weekends ago with a local pizzeria where we occasionally go because we LOVE pizza and I just don't have the energy anymore to start making pizza from scratch, and lo and behold his blood sugar was well within the normal range when he checked it later in the evening.  YAY!  At least that's one meal we can splurge on!!

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