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April 14, 2020 10:15 pm  #1

Different types of tomatoes to grow in your garden

Different types of tomatoes to grow, but you'll have to get them started soon if you're starting with seeds.  Tomatoes are not easy to grow from seed, I'll warn you.  But I don't know if the yearly greenhouses (at places like Hardware Hank and Ace and Lowe's, etc) will be open this year, so if you want tomatoes you'll likely have to get the seeds ordered quickly and get them started within the month of April.  I order organic seeds from My Patriot Supply.  I hope they still have an ample supply on hand because these are the best seeds available today.  Check out that site and see for yourself.

We have been growing our tomatoes in pots because neither of us has the energy to do a planted full garden like we used to.  That's what comes of getting old!

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