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October 12, 2017 2:06 am  #1

The disaster myth narrative

This is a good but very long article.  Makes lots of good points about why we DON'T hear much about the disasters after a few days.  Perfectly explainable - the gubmint doesn't want you to know what's really happening, so they have their MSM plebes lie to you.  The sad thing is that people believe the lies, rather than the truth that's right in their faces. 

I'm not a prepper (except water, which we change out on a regular basis) but that's only because depending on the type of "disaster" we're talking about, we're (my family) already prepared because that's the way we live all the time.  I simply cannot be without good drinking water because of my Sjogren's Syndrome, so we have that all sewn up.  No one can be without food for long, so we have that taken care of in numerous ways, as well.  But this has nothing to do with actual prepping as described by most preppers.  I preserve/can as much stuff as I'm able to do throughout the entire year, not just in the fall, so we have a goodly supply of food on hand anyway, disaster or not.   We have ways to protect ourselves from those who would rob us rather than just ask us to share with them, which we would gladly do up to a certain point.  We have generators, we have a "ready-ness plan" (!) and that's all the more I'm willing to say. 

But again, ours is more about blizzard preparation, because of where we live, than it is about prepping to survive some man-made disaster which is sure to come.  Our family has talked about this and we do not really wish to survive a man-made, blow-everything-to-hell disaster.  We have a plan for a way to take care of that job, as well.    Sometimes it's hard to face reality but it must be done.


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