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April 8, 2020 10:59 pm  #1


I love birds, I just don't love what they do to our deck.  Poop everywhere.  Our neighbors have about a dozen or more birdfeeders alllllll over their backyard, winter and summer, and then the birds come to our yard to roost in our evergreen trees and they poop all over everything.  It's very difficult to keep our Barbeque grill clean.  We have a cloth cover for it but the cloth cover gets to be a mess and needs hosing off (weather permitting) about once a week at least. 

But even though we've seen many varieties of birds in this area, I've never yet seen a bluebird.  I used to see lots of them (and meadowlarks, my favorite songbird) up in a different part of the state where our ranch was located.  Maybe the difference in terrain??  We live in a mountainous area now, whereas my home stomping grounds we so dang flat you could see the end of the world from there.

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