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March 16, 2020 1:20 am  #1

Bookstores - - a thing of the past

If only we'd known how truly prescient the bookstore featured in the movie You've Got Mail was going to be.

Book stores are closing, sadly, by the thousands because of these damned computers and kindles and ipads and whatever else is out there.  Libraries will be the next thing to go away, and what a shame that will be.  Kids won't even know what a "book" is in 2 more generations. 

That is beyond sad because I used to spend saturday winter afternoons at the library (which just happened to be across the street and kitty-korner from our "in town" house when I was growing up).  We lived on a ranch, but during the school year, once all five of us kids were old enough, we lived in town so we could walk to school and so that the weather would not be a factor unless the school actually called off classes, and that was very rarely. 

Seems like winters in the late 50's and all of the 60's were far worse in my area than they are now.  We used to get upwards of 5 feet of snow and think nothing of it.  We had no street crews who plowed, so everyone walked everywhere - oh, I tell you it was a real hardship - - boo-hoo (!) - -  don't you just feel sorry for us!!).  WE LOVED IT.  It was not a hardship at all but boy today's wimpy kids would never walk to school in a blizzard like we often did. But we knew how to DRESS during a blizzard, you didn't run around in bermuda khaki shorts and sandals like I see idiots at the stores nowadays.  If the school building had been outside of town, however, we would NOT have been allowed to walk, I assure you of that.

But enjoy this photo because very soon it will be a thing of the past, and not just in the movies either.

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