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January 4, 2020 12:42 am  #1

Should I be using an air fryer?

I am of two minds about this appliance.  My son and his wife have one and they really like it because they have 7 children now and this evidently cooks food faster (or something).  I am still very much on the fence about purchasing one because they are expensive, they have not been in use long enough for anyone to say how often this appliance has to be replaced, how to go about "fixing" it if something goes wrong or who you would call if it did!  We live in a "throw away" society and I'm not spending over $200 bucks on something that might only last 8 months - - and THEN have to buy another one?  Not on your tintype.

Nevertheless, the reports about these things are 'glowing'.  I'm still quite skeptical.

We use lots of cheese and butter and REAL milk (not ultra-pasteurized crap that is really nothing more than chalk dust added to tap water - ewwwwww).  I will keep researching but I'm not buying anything until I've had a demonstration or two.  I'm a very fussy eater because I think fats, good fats (animal in nature) are GOOD FOR THE HUMAN BODY.  I suffer from Sjogren's Syndrome and without the healthy fats in my diet for the past 20 years, I would likely have dried up like a prune from the inside out because that's what Sjogren's does - it dries everything from your liver to your eyeballs. 

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