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August 3, 2017 9:24 am  #1

Four recipes for eggnog

Eggnog isn't just a holiday drink for our family. We like it anytime. I actually like to mix a little with coffee sometimes. I know, it's kinda weird.

Here are four recipes. I decided to post this because there is a cooked version, for those of you who are afraid of raw eggs or don't have access to farm pastured eggs, and there is also a party version which makes a fairly good sized batch. So you can just take your pick. The second recipe (Easy Eggnog) is almost exactly like the one I use most of the time for family. If I'm entertaining, I use a very similar version of the first recipe.

I have been reading online recipes for eggnog all morning and my sides ache from laughing. One guy honestly tells people to only use pasteurized eggs, never use farm fresh eggs! He must work for the egg board. Can you believe how people get so twisted around? That's good old propaganda marketing for you. Then, this other guy was telling how to make homemade eggnog but started the recipe using commercially purchased eggnog and adding some things to it (like spices, etc.). Holy cow. Guess he doesn't really understand the term *HOMEMADE*, huh?!!

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