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November 6, 2019 12:55 am  #1

If you're approaching the age for medicare

Here's some fairly good advice you should read about why sometimes Medicare Advantage Plans are a good idea, nd sometimes, well, not so much. It's important for people to read this fairly short article before committing to anything "new".

I chose to stick with my original medicare plan, my supplemental insurance plan, and my Humana Rx plan (to help with prescriptions).  My premiums are high but not that bad, when you consider my recent stay in the hospital (for what they thought was a stroke) and all the testing that was done and the return doctor visits, etc., was all paid for by my current policy coverages.  I didn't have to pay a cent out of pocket except my usual monthly costs.  I'm pretty sure the hospital bill alone, not to mention all the other junk, would have bankrupt my husband and I if I'd not had the additional coverage we were advised to buy at the time I turned 65.

Sure glad we had a good insurance agent!  He probably saved our butts and then some!!

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