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September 14, 2017 8:53 am  #1

Last Man Standing

If you've NEVER watched the 1/2 hour sit-com called Last Man Standing (with Tim Allen and Nancy Travis), you should.  It's hilarious.  It's just the tonic we need for today's politically charged world where only the democrats can possibly have the right answers (even our RINO's are proving they feel THAT way).  But of course, it's been cancelled by the network after 6 seasons of successful viewship.  Could it be because Tim Allen criticizes Obozo and hillbillary every chance he gets?? Tim is one of the writers and producers so this might likely be his TRUE feelings, I don't know for sure.  Like I said, it's hilarious.

The only episode I've had issues with so far is the one called Big Shots where the family defends ALLLLL vaccines (at one point the oldest daughter, who has a toddler) questions some of the shots or at least the idea of giving too many at once, but her message is drowned out by the jib-jabbering by her ignorant parents, siblings, and others around her.  They need to re-think that one!

I ordered the DVD's of the first four seasons but so far that's all they are putting out.  Why not season 5 and 6?  Good question.  I do try to catch a few of the re-runs on a couple of different channels but the timing of their airing doesn't always work out too well for my schedule. 

As I said, if you haven't seen this, you should.  I think there are episodes available at amazon to live-stream (or whatever it's called) on your techno devices.  I've never done that so not sure how it works.  It's a lot cheaper than the DVD's but with DVD's I can watch them at my own convenience in any room of the house I choose (I don't have a "smart" dumbphone to carry around. 

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