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November 5, 2019 12:59 am  #1

Soup to nourish your body

This recipe doesn't mention much about adding extra water (besides the water you add while actually boiling the  veggies like potatoes)  but I would add more water to the pot about halfway through the cooking time, and I would add a dollop of butter to the bowl right before eating.  Butter is good for you (buy good quality or make your own).

My husband would never eat this soup (he's a plain-jane eater) but it sounds good to me.  No kale available in my area this year though, not even from the local produce farmers.  The weather just wasn't right for it.  I would have to substitute fresh spinach.  I might do that anyway because I'm not a fan of kale.  I'm also not a fan of ginger, but if I can find fresh ginger and grate a little into it, I will do it.

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