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September 12, 2017 2:09 am  #1

I'm with him on this one

This is a terrific article, well worth reading if you're as puzzled as I am about today's "gender" crapola.

I believe that the human animal has only two sexes because it has two kinds of gamete-producers. Give me a third human gamete, and I’ll entertain the possibility of there being a third sex. I understand that there are a variety of rare medical conditions that produce intersex individuals, and that fact has no bearing on the number of actual sexes. I do not believe that drugs or surgery can make a male into a female or a female into a male. Just a few years ago, that would have been simple science. Today it makes me a moral monster.

I do believe it’s common that people feel uncomfortable in their own skins and that phenomenally few biological males adhere 100 percent to all male cultural stereotypes or biological females adhere 100 percent to all female cultural stereotypes. And that’s okay. Back in the 1974 there was a surreal video called “Free to Be…You and Me,” narrated by Marlo Thomas and Alan Alda, which argued the then-enlightened view that men could have traditionally female interests and that women didn’t have to be all girl-girly if they didn’t want to be.

A man who likes to cook is a man who likes to cook, not a woman. A woman who enjoys football is a woman who enjoys football, not a man. Now we’re asking masculine girls and feminine boys if they aren’t really trapped in the wrong bodies. Gender dysphoria has moved from being a mental illness to being a declaration of authenticity.

I remember seeing that video he refers to.  Back then, it made sense because I played on an all woman softball team and no one thought of me, or any of the rest of those women, as less a female for playing.  I also played volleyball with man/woman mixed teams.  Some people from the police station and some of us from the legal offices in my hometown played once a week during the winter months, and none of those people thought ANYTHING about it being weird in a sexual way - we were equals.  It was just a bunch of people who often worked together getting together in a social way.  Usually after the games we all stopped at one of the local bars for a beer and some good joke-telling time.  It used to be called "socializing" (without a screen in front of your face) and there were real people to interact with.  I just won't ever understand how can people can possibly call "social media" a form of interaction.  It's pure lunacy.


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