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August 1, 2019 1:00 am  #1

What is a gutter garden?

What an interesting concept, especially for those of us who have big yards, and yet most of it is in shaded areas.  This way I can kinda pick a sunnier spot without tearing up the whole yard and having nothing to show for it.  We've had waaaaaaay too much rain this year to grow much of anything at all.  We did not set up our greenhouse and make it ready to go because during the time we should have/could have been doing that I was recovering from having a mild stroke and didn't really feel up to it.  NOW that it's waaaaaay too late, I'm up for it!  We may still set up the greenhouse and get it ready once again to do some winter gardening, which we have done many times over the years.  It's kinda fun but your produce picks are quite limited. 

But check this out.  It's short to read and pretty dang informative.

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