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August 31, 2017 12:08 am  #1

Drowning in bogus ingredients

Too many people believe that every ingredient in processed food – preservatives, artificial sweeteners, thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers – have gone through many rigorous, independent tests - concluding they’re OK to eat – but in many cases they haven’t gone through any testing at all. The FDuh is sometimes not aware and really doesn't care that a new ingredient has been plonked into our food, and even if they question the safety of a new ingredient, some companies just add them and the fduh looks the other way.  After all, who has to follow rules (on either side?). Thus the term "bogus ingredient".Earlier this month there was a report about a company that’s continuing to sell their “Impossible Burger” made with SLH (soy leghemoglobin) even though the Fduh questions its safety. SLH is made using a drawn-out process in a lab with GMO yeast which creates a new protein that’s never been in food before. Yikes.

A major problem with our current food regulatory system is that it allows companies to use/hire their own "experts" to evaluate the safety of newly invented ingredients. This allows companies to add whatever they want into food with virtually no oversight.  They're not specifically saying this SLH is safe, they're simply NOT saying it's unsafe. 

A sin of omission.  In the eyes of the companies, as well as the Fduh, if it's not categorized one way or the other, it must be safe.

THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH PROCESSED FOOD - IT REQUIRES REGULATIONS AND OVERSIGHT THAT IS NOT HELPFUL ANYWAY.  If the FDuh isn't going to be of any help (and they aren't), disband them and let the chips fall where they may.  People are no more safe WITH that agency than without them, apparently. Ditto for drugs.  They have no clue one way or the other about safety most of the time, about foods or drugs, and that's not a good thing for humans.

The experts hired by Impossible Foods have historically worked alongside Monsanto and the International Life Sciences Institute (a group that represents Big PHood and the GMO industry). Is this who you want approving the safety of the food you eat?  YUK. 

 Most of the "reviews" of this food (at least the ones I can find online) are trying to speak positively about this Impossible Burger.  They must think we were all born last night.

I will never understand why companies who produce PLANT BASED FOODS want us to equate them with animal based foods?  Sorta like their fake "chikn" and their fake "beeeeeef" flavors and stuff.  It's astounding to me that a true meat-eating red-blooded American raised on real meat would even want to try an Impossible Burger or anything even remotely resembling the NOT real thing . . .   and why would a vegetarian or a vegan want to promote protein in the form of meat, even if it's fake??  It just doesn't compute in my brain. 

Whaddabout you?


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