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June 26, 2019 7:50 am  #1

Pickle juice fried chicken breasts

I know a lot of people coat their chicken in a flour and spice mixture, but we've never cared for that at my house.  I usually just wash the organic, farm-raised chicken breasts and then I pat them dry and place them into a low-heat frying pan with some already melted butter.  After they cook a while, I add the spices and just before they're done cooking (last 15 min or so) I pour in some leftover pickle juice and let them sort of "marinate" on one side and then flip them so the other side can do the same.

My maternal grandmother was German (full blood) and she even taught my Swedish (full-blood) paternal grandmother to make these and both of my grandpa's and all the kin involved were real big fans!  This goes very well with potato salad at a picnic, too.  (HINT:  They both also added pickle juice to their potato salad recipes!).  Pickle juice is considered a fermented food and is very good for your innards even if you just drink it straight from the jar!

There is no link for this post, I just thought I'd share it with you since the 4th of July is not far away.  I usually make a BIG batch of chicken breasts, sometimes I make a few the night before and refrigerate them (some of my grandkids like cold chicken) and some I start early in the a.m. of the 4th so I can serve them hot/warm. 

Give this a try.

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