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Tue Mar 19 11:16 am  #1

Be an "aware" egg consumer

As a smart, awake, responsible eater, you probably already know which egg labels are meaningful and which are totally misleading. But there are always new people starting their Real Foods journey, so we thought it's high time to take a new look at current egg label terms.

This article is from Cornucopia Institute: Decoding Egg Labels 

Egg cartons are increasingly cluttered with third-party certification claims and a myriad of potentially misleading statements. Some of these are meaningful to egg buyers, and some of them are nothing more than marketing gimmicks.  

Keep in mind though, that even if you become an expert on egg labels, that still doesn't replace the need to know your farmer.


Got this information from my latest e-newsletter from Edwin Shank @ The Family Cow.


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