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March 13, 2019 9:22 pm  #1

Reuse those black plastic nursery pots

Here are some great ideas you can really use.

Also, at the bottom of the article is a short video with a few good (and a couple of kooky) ideas of how to reuse plastic grocery bags.  Personally, I use them to line my 1 gallon plastic pails when I use them around the yard - the pails last a lot longer and it's less clean-up for me.  The other way I use them, with several grandkids still in diapers, is to line a plastic pail, leave it out on the back deck and use it as a poopy diaper pail. When it's full just tie the handles together and toss it into your regular garbage.  One hint though, if you use it that way in the summer time, set it a loooooooong way from the door and make sure it's not next to your bar-b-que grill!  

Take the time to watch it anyway.

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