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March 12, 2019 7:15 am  #1

4 ingredient biscuits!

These are really good.  We like ours with some local honey drizzled over the opened biscuit, unless we're using them for savory meals like with stew, or a roast, or chili.  They are easy and delicious.

I did not use a cutter for mine, (it wastes dough, IMO); I just eyeballed and took enough dough in my hand, rolled it into a ball and then patted it into a biscuit shape.  No one around here cares if they're exactly round or not!  Just don't get them too thin or they burn easily.  I made these last sunday and used up the last of my clabbered raw milk.  We cannot get raw milk here any longer, since the local/state dairy and egg board hounded our only producer out of business last autumn.  They (the D&E BOARD) are funded entirely by BIGPHrmA and they simply do not want people to have healthy, delicious foods, so they make sure we don't have access to any of it.  They do tend to forget the joke is on them, because they have to eat toxic foods then, too.  Hahahahaha.  The next thing they are looking at outlawing are pastured eggs and pastured chickens.  Then, next up, they target local honey producers - - even the small guy, home-based producers.  It's all right, there aren't enough bees left to make much honey anyway.  Haven't the chemical industries done us a lot of favors??

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