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February 6, 2019 1:42 am  #1

Nancy wants to "help the poor"?

The way Nancy recites the verse may be from another version of the Bible, such as the Living Bible or the Women's Bible or something, but there is a verse in Proverbs which is very similar.  It talks about the poor.

However, I don't think the verse is referring to helping hundreds of thousands of people, as Nanny Nancy would like you to believe.  The verse, I believe, refers to maybe as many as a family of poor, or even just one poor person at a time. 

She can quote that phrase, wherever it's from, til the cows come home but her intent is anything but biblical and is, as usual for the dimwit dems, being taken totally out of context.  Especially if she thinks it's from the BIBLE!!!  Does she think aborting full-term babies is found somewhere within the pages of HER Bible?

Gawd, she is such a lame excuse for a human being.


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