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January 13, 2019 10:46 pm  #1


How will kids learn about REAL money in a digital money world?  Will they believe they can just touch their phone and "get something" but no money is involved?  Will they understand that "apps" still have to be paid for, and so does the stuff you buy with an app?

What Playing Monopoly with Real Money Taught Me About My Kids — And Humanity

Adam Carroll tells the story of a real-life Monopoly game. When he found that his kids weren’t playing by the rules, he wondered if it was because the money wasn’t real. So he grabbed some cash and played with real money. Carroll touches on the concept of financial abstraction — the idea that money is an abstract concept and not a tangible thing. He then lays out the questions that inevitably come up. Will kids learn about money in a digital wallet kind of world?

Why You’ll Love It

This story is fun to listen to but is also an important topic for parents of kids growing up in the digital world. With ballooning student loan debt, it’s obvious that young people don’t totally grasp the tangibility of money.

Check it out - - 15 minutes.  Great for parents and grandparents!

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