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August 17, 2017 12:47 am  #1

The new scare tactic

It will start with FEAR.  The medical industry will FEAR all of us into believing a bunch of crap that is in no way true, not even close.  But we will buy into it - - - because we always do.  We are lemmings who are afraid to question authority (except a few of us who have NEVER BEEN AFRAID TO QUESTION AUTHORITY, and that would include me )

This new infectious disease outbreak will start like so many other outbreaks, that is,  at a few college campuses, but this one will spread fast and big… multiple states and thousands upon thousands of cases. Public outrage against the unvaccinated will be fomented to the point of societal unrest. Hired thugs and trolls will go after the unvaccinated and it will appear to be spontaneous reactions by concerned citizens that just want public health measures to be carried out. There may even be protests and even riots but Police will be given orders to stand down to allow for maximum mayhem. The whole thing staged and controlled to justify the actions that will be taken next. We are so easily manipulated – it has always been the Achilles Heal of Americans…. so trusting of all the wrong people, so willing to drink the fluoridated water (so to speak), and so unwilling to question authority and hold those with responsibility responsible, but now it will be too late for any of that. We collectively created what will go down in the near future…. yeah, our silence as a generation of children became brain damaged from pesticides and vaccines… good job…we had every opportunity to demand accountability….but your kid wasn’t vaccine injured so what did you care?Do you have any idea how empowered the Deep State is.. they know they can fire a missile into the Pentagon and tell you right to your face that it was hit by a 757 even though anyone could see that was not what happened… and we all did nothing. Well, now we will all find out what happens when we allow that kind of foolishness stand.

You just gotta read this whole thing, it's amazing and terrifyingly accurate.  He's right - - - this is how liberty dies.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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