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September 13, 2018 8:54 pm  #1

SEA salt for your dog (or other pet)

I've been doing some studying up recently on the ingestion of sea salt.  PLEASE REMEMBER there is a huge difference between sea salt and regular grocery store salt.  Sea salt contains a lot of minerals living beings need daily.  Grocery store salt is just sodium with a bunch of dangerous fillers added to it, and out bodies don't need fillers. 

What I wanted to report about, however, was that in one of the articles I read it said to experiment with your pet (we have a dog so this will be about dogs in particular).  So I used two pet bowls and filled one with plain (filtered) water and the other with filtered water with just a pinch of himalayan sea salt added.  I set the bowls side by side for the first day of the experiment - he went straight for the bowl with the salt, just like a cow or a horse would do with the salt and mineral licks placed throughout a barnyard for their enjoyment.

Then I took the bowl with the plain water and set it out on the deck and left the salt water bowl inside the house.  In these nice temps we've still been having lately, our dog spends a great share of the day outdoors in the back yard.  He barely touched the water in the bowl out there, but if I let him inside he went straight for the water bowl and lapped it up, sometimes walking away from the bowl and going back again.  Then he would rest a few minutes and start eating his food.  We are still using the raw diet for him as long as the weather is nice and he can eat outdoors.  In the winter we have to resort to bagged food because everything we toss outside (except marrow bones) freeze solid and he can't eat it.  He's 13 1/2 now and looks like a puppy.  He still runs up and down the back deck steps like a kid!  He has trouble inside the house with our wooden (oak) steps going from upper to lower levels of the house because they are slippery, but he manages to get up eventually!  His claws are quite long and that doesn't help matters either.

I'm going to keep doing this salt water for him as long as he seems to need it and like it.  I have not seen any adverse effects yet, in fact his eyes look clearer than ever before.  I'm sure there are other things about him I haven't noticed, but if they were BAD things I would have noticed because I'm with that dog all day long every day.

Try it with your pet and see if you notice a change over the days and weeks.  Post back here so we can all see the results. 

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