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August 19, 2018 9:15 am  #1

Whipping cream & the GMO food project failures

I've had a few friends tell me recently that Ultra Pasteurized Whipping Cream doesn't whip very well.  Hmmm, no kidding?  Ultra pasteurized "dairy" isn't even really dairy anymore, so it doesn't surprise me that it won't whip.  How stupid are people in the dairy industry, to think that WE will think that ultra pasteurized crap is even real food?  It's not. They are still trying to make people believe that the real, good fats in true and pasteured dairy and eggs is BAD for us.  That is the most insane idea I've ever heard in my life.  If people would worry more about the foods they consume than about some arbitrary cholesterol number, they'd be a lot better off.  The fact of the matter is, your cholesterol numbers don't mean jackschitt. They are used to instill fear into people so that doctor's can talk them into taking pills they don't really need.  Then the doctor can report back to BIGPHRMA and then BIGPHRMA rewards the doctor and his whole family with a trip to Greece or Scotland or Hawaii or somewhere, as a "reward". 

Let me ask the dairy producers this question:  can the crap called Fairlife be "separated" and whipped into cream?  Ha.  I highly doubt it, and yet they like to call it "milk".  Ditto for all the "nut milks".  Those are not milk, they are juice obtained from whatever nut you are using. 

What ludicrous ideas humans have about food.  I thought this whole "GMO project" was supposed to produce more food for everyone, it was supposed to bring down food prices all over the world, and it was supposed to taste good and be good for us.  Is that what's happening?  That's what we're led to believe but that's not the truth.

They'll have to go a long way to prove to me that the crap they've produced using "chemistry and technology" will do anything but kill people sooner than ever before.  It's killing animals, too, in various ways.  But one of the most likely ways is through pet foods which are made mostly of things like peas, beans, lentils and other legumes and then compressed into little pellets.  Dogs need some vegetables (or so the industry says) but in my mind dogs need raw food, bones, bone marrow and water - not much more.  Factory made dog food containing legumes, it's been recently found, can give dogs heart issues (I just read an article about this yesterday over at  Look it up and read it.

This is basically the same thing that's happening with humans. Our bodies (not to mention our minds) reject food - and with good reason - that's been tinkered with.  Ditto for foods which have been sprayed with heaven knows what. 

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