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August 15, 2018 9:35 pm  #1

Cinnamon leaf oil

There are a lot of essential oils claiming to have disinfectant qualities, but if my smeller has to put up with those oils, I prefer cinnamon leaf or sweet orange oil.  But actually, cinnamon leaf oil (different from cinnamon bark oil) is good for many things.  I make my own homemade "vicks" by melting the menthol crystals (from Mt. Rose Herbs) in warmed coconut oil (it takes quite a while for those crystals to melt) and when the coconut oil and mentol are blended together by swishing around in a jar, add a bit of cinnamon leaf oil to help with respiration.  Also adding a bit of atlas cedarwood and clove bud oil will really give it an inhalant boost.  Keep the jar in the fridge and the coconut oil will set up (harden) and just before you want to spread it around on your chest or under your nose or on the bottoms of your feet, take it out of the fridge and let it set a few minutes until you can scrape some out with an old spoon.  As you're rubbing it on, it will begin to melt more and more and be nice and moveable no matter where you use it.

I also like to use cinnamon leaf oil mixed with water when cleaning my floors, countertops and cutting boards.  A light rinse and let things air dry.  Good to go!

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