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August 13, 2017 11:46 pm  #1

Deep State Double Standard

Uh-huh.  The truth in about 3 paragraphs. 

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Deep State Double Standard
Thomas DiLorenzo

So the Deep State broke into Paul Manafort’s home in a “pre-dawn  raid” because, according to news reports, Deep State bureaucrats said they thought he might be hiding something (even though he voluntarily had given them everything they asked him for the previous day).Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, destroyed 3,000 emails after they had been subpoenaed and had computers and cell phones destroyed with hammers and chemicals to hide them from the law.  Not only was there no pre-dawn raid of her house; the Deep State itself, with James Comey as its spokesman, said move along, nothing to see here.The main purpose of the FBI and all other appendages of the Deep State, we are told, is to enforce equality under the law, as required by the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.  (All together now, let’s all sing “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” . . .).Trump during the campaign said he wanted to pursue peace and commerce with Russia, whereas Hillary Clinton is the source of the Russia-is-Attempting-to-Destroy-American-Democracy baloney.  This of course explains the Deep State Double Standard here and its attack on the principal of equality under the law.  (I predicted more than a year ago that nothing will come of Hillary’s illegalities because she had presumably been using deep state technology to spy on all of her actual and potential political critics and opponents, and would not hesitate to blackmail them.  After all, the first thing she and her husband the rapist did upon entering the White House was to illegally possess all the FBI interview files of all the Republican politicians  and political appointees in D.C. to presumably sift through them for blackmailing dirt).

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