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January 21, 2024 5:12 am  #1

Canned beans

Actually, I buy my navy beans (for bean soup) in a huge glass jar.  They're great and I don't rinse them before I make bean soup, I just throw in the ham hock, a couple of peeled red potatoes, some chicken stock, a couple of cups of plain filtered water and wah-lah - - - a quick and tasty soup which goes great with thick sliced, crusty bread or toasted bread to dunk.  My grandkids like oyster crackers in their soup.  You do however have to keep checking to make sure the liquid doesn't boil away, but usually once it starts to boil I turn the burner down and let it simmer, but you still need to make sure it doesn't need additional water added.

Some of this will depend on how thick you like your soup.  I like mine pretty "liquidy" so I can dunk in pieces of plain white bread with tons of butter on it.  Oh yum, now I'm hungry!!

I also use a lot of kidney beans when I make chili, that's about the only thing I make with them.  I have tried to make that 3 bean salad a few times but it just never turns out right for me.  I need to find a new recipe!  I'll keep searching.

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