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July 30, 2018 5:35 am  #1

Here's a great "lil paper ketchup cup" idea

These are those little paper cups we all used to use for ketchup when eating out at a drive-in.  I rarely see them anymore, now ketchup comes in plastic pouches.  I say we go back to the paper cups, just like we should go back to paper straws.  Let me tell you, if today's watery, crappy ketchup will stay in those paper cups without leaking through, we can certainly use paper straws without complaining.  I don't give a damn about people who say plastic straws are "polluting the earth" (what crap) but I actually prefer the old fashioned paper straws.  But that's just me.

Learn from this Ruskie how to make a paper cup hold more ketchup!


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