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September 10, 2023 11:32 pm  #1

Plant a circular garden

These were very popular in early gardening with various peoples.  Especially the American Indian tribes because it was a small area of land capable of huge production. 

My yard is too narrow to do this (our OLD yard would have been perfect but since our neighbors piled dirt along OUR fence, we cannot expand because they're using our land!  We have spoken with the city but they could care less because apparently they are not gardening enthusiasts.  Don't they know how much better food tastes when you grow it yourself?  That includes MEAT. AND MILK. AND EGGS.  I have no sympathy for people who sit around and bitch about the price of those three items and yet do nothing about even TRYING to raise their own stuff.  I'm getting older and cannot do a lot of the things I used to do but I enjoy gardening, even if I have to garden in pots on my deck. When my DH was still alive, we had 2 greenhouses in the back yard because they were long and narrow, but I could never manage all that work on my own, especially now that I've hurt my back so badly.  I planted nothing this year because it didn't even warm up in my area until about mid-July (a bit late to get started gardening) and we're only mid-September and it's already cold.  Today, so far, the high has been 62 and it's been raining constantly since about 3 this morning.  We had lots of thunder and lightning last night but I think I slept through most of it.  My grandsons were here staying with me and they both said they heard every raindrop and every clap of thunder!  Usually when that happens they come and hop in bed with me!!!

But the grands are finally starting to show an interest in possibly planting some stuff in my yard (I always have a couple kids at a time during the summer months, sometimes all summer long and I LOVE THAT) and now that they are showing interest, I'm going to start them off next spring with the 3 sisters type of gardening.  It's easy and compact and it produces a LOT of stuff to eat because each "sister" can contain 3 different veggies.  The only one they have to have in common is the corn because the stalk of the corn is what holds the whole thing together!  Its' fun, it's interesting, it's a teaching tool, and it's rewarding for the kids at the middle to end of summer.

TRY IT WITH YOUR GRANDKIDDO'S and stop complaining about the price of food at the store. 



OWN !!!!  


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