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August 11, 2017 8:28 pm  #1

Buying GOOD wines

This is the place!

Wellness Mama had an e-newsletter concerning this issue today, but she failed to include a link to the actual page where you could look at stuff because she was too busy promoting the 1¢ sale, I think.  Her site doesn't have a browser link so I will copy and paste the newsletter here so you can read all of her reasons why you should try this wine.  It's a "club" however, so you have to get monthly deliveries.  I think you can choose other deliveries too, not sure.  I would have to choose once a year because my DH and I just don't care for wine, we'd rather drink good, locally made beer.  But I know wine is supposed to be good for you and I wouldn't be opposed to drinking a daily glass of GOOD wine.  I used to drink a glass of red wine daily thinking I was doing something good for myself, but that was before I knew that the wine I was drinking probably wasn't so good and that's probably why I didn't like it - it tasted like chemicals.  So, keep reading to get the skinny from Katie.

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SUBJECT: Is this the key to longevity and health? 

Over the last decade, a small team of researchers has gone around the world looking for the key to longevity. They stayed everywhere from the mountains of Barbagia in Southern Italy to the subtropical islands of Okinawa, Japan, studying cultures living the longest, most fulfilling lives. Many of their findings are not surprising. They report that people who live well move throughout the day, eat clean, sleep well, and are less stressed.However, there was one observation that stuck out. In nearly every Blue Zone - region with the longest-living people - moderate wine consumption was part of the culture. Grown the way it has been for centuries, seems to keep people living well into old age.

BUT...99% of the wines you can buy today are NOT grown the traditional way and probably won't have the same results here!In the United States, wine producers can add 76 different additives to their wine. These companies are making millions of bottles of wine and they want them all to look and taste the same. That means adding defoaming agents, artificial coloring (virtually every red wine under $20 has the colorant “mega purple” which explains the wine headache for many people), toxic metals, ammonia, and genetically-modified bacteria and yeast.Wines today also have unusually high levels of alcohol, sugar, and sulfites. All of these are toxic to our health.In the vineyard, chemicals (like glyphosate) are sprayed on almost all vines and end up in the wine we drink.This is not the same wine those researchers found in the Blue Zones. Those were Natural Wines - wines grown naturally and made naturally, without chemicals or additives, and with low amounts of sulfur, sugar, and alcohol.

Why is Natural Wine a key to longevity?  Most likely - polyphenols.Polyphenols are guardians. Grapes make them to protect against fungi, bacteria, frost, and other harsh growing conditions.Note: When farmers spray crops with pesticides, the plants don't have to naturally ward off pests so they produce fewer polyphenols. This is why it's so important to go organic.When you drink polyphenol-rich organic wine, those polyphenols protect you in a similar way; they neutralize damaging free radicals that stress your cells.Every bottle of wine has a unique collection of dozens (sometimes hundreds) of different polyphenols. These include Resveratrol (the most famous polyphenol), Procyanidins (which are strong antioxidants), Ellagic acid (which has been shown to help regulate blood sugar), and many more. They contribute to the wine’s taste, color, mouthfeel, and nose.Polyphenols work together to protect your cells, so consuming a wide variety of polyphenols is more important than getting a lot of any single one. Because natural wine contains a broad diversity of these vibrant compounds, a glass a day helps build a strong foundation of health.

How to get polyphenol-rich Natural Wines?  I love wine, but at this point, I only want to drink natural, Blue Zone-quality wine. The problem is, it's really hard to find these wines, especially in the US. They exist but they aren't the norm and they can be really hard to find...especially where I live.When you go to a restaurant or wine shop and look at the wine list, there's no easy way to know what's in those wines. Are they natural? Are they sugar-free, low in sulfites, and low alcohol? Are they rich in polyphenols and free of toxins? No idea!That's why I became a Member of Dry Farm Wines. Their wines are all natural, organically-grown, free of chemicals and additives, sugar-free, low in sulfites, low alcohol, mold-free, and sustainably grown. To guarantee these are the cleanest possible wines, every wine curated by Dry Farm Wines is also lab tested by an independent certified enologist.The result is a healthy, polyphenol-rich wine that tastes clean and delicious.When you drink these wines, you'll also notice the following:You get no hangovers or headaches, no brain fog, no heavy head, no impact to your sleep quality, and you enjoy a pleasurable buzz.

Overall, you enjoy a higher quality experience from these organic, artisanal, Blue Zone wines.To get you started, Dry Farm Wines is offering our community an extra bottle of wine for 1 penny with your first order, plus free shipping (extra bottle of polyphenol-rich wine, limited availability).Dry Farm Wines also backs up their wines with a 100% Happiness Guarantee. If you don’t like the wines, they’ll either ship you replacements or refund you fully. It’s completely risk-free!


P.S. Dry Farm Wines can only provide 350 extra penny bottles for this deal. Collect yours now before you miss the chance!

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