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July 1, 2018 6:40 pm  #1

Polish Jelly-filled Cookies & recipe for Sweet Cheese filling

These are really interesting to make.  I've only made them once but they are going to be my "new" Christmas cookie to use for church suppers, bazaars and bake sales, etc.  They are sort of a cross between a turnover and a thumbprint cookie.  Don't put the powdered sugar on until shortly before you're ready to eat them, or if you're taking them to a festivity wait until you're just ready to leave the house. They get soggy quickly from my experience.

Please read down the recipe a little ways and click on the Sweet Cheese recipe/link.  That sounds a lot like the recipe I use to make cheese kuchen filling.

Even though my heritage is Swedish/German mix, a lot of the Polish recipes closely resemble the Swedish recipes I remember my Gramma making when I was a kid. The kuchen, of course, is a German recipe which I picked up from my other Gramma.  Both of them were damned good cooks and could make a lot with a little.  They knew how to stretch a nickel until the buffalo pooped, too.


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