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June 8, 2023 6:07 am  #1

I'll take Hefeweizen, please ! Skip the Modelo.....

I drink only Hefeweizen. No Modelo for me!

The stupid "online dictionary" kept telling me there was no such word as Hefewiezen.  Oh good grief.  I even looked under the heading marked "German words" and it still had no clue.  WTF?

Great stuff, tastes sooooo smooth.  Sometimes I drink it plain, sometimes with tomato juice and a few green olives in the bottom of my pilsner glass !!  I ordered some glasses last year with my last name etched into them (from Ink  Then this year I ordered the same glasses and a growler with our last name on them for my youngest son.  He's gonna love them !! I can't wait to give the stuff to him.  Also ordered him a BBQ apron with our last name imprinted on it.  He LOVES BBQ'd food - - eck, I hate it.  It all tastes burned to me.  I can do a hot dog that way but no other kind of meat. 

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