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June 2, 2023 10:45 pm  #1

A couple of really good cobbler recipes for SUMMER!!

I used to hate summer, but now I'm looking forward to it (but not the sunburn I got last year.  Won't be doing THAT again anytime soon!).

This one can be made with mixed berries, just one berry, or even with peaches.  I make a similar one but I use canned peaches because the fresh ones are too expensive to use for desserts.  I eat the fresh ones sliced up in a bowl with milk and sugar the way my Mama taught me!

This is a one-layer strawberry shortcake.  I would have to make mine in an 8 x 8 or 9 x 9 square pan because I don't have any round baking pans.  Every time I buy round ones someone in my family takes off with them, or I leave them at the church after the church picnics, or I forget to take them home after baking something for a holiday dinner with family.  Never fails. 

I have no idea why they don't take the square ones but they don't.  Maybe it's because I use glass square pans and pie pans, also. I always have to adjust the baking time, and so will you.  Check anything baked in glass dishes often when in the oven, and if the edges start to get too dark too fast, cover the whole dish with aluminum foil and finish baking at a lower heat setting.  Check often, especially the centers (with a toothpick or a silver knife).


You can also make these cooked down FROZEN strawberries made into a sauce to use on top of any shortcake recipe, or on top of a bowl of homemade ice cream.  Just make sure to add enough vanilla to the cake to make it a vanilla shortcake!

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