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June 23, 2018 8:17 pm  #1

towels and bacteria

This is the biggest no-brainer out there, but people need to be reminded.  I'll bet a lot of people have blamed other sources, including foods and raw milk, for their or their children's illnesses when in fact the cause may be something far different.

Use a paper towel to dry your hands after a good washing and throw it away, don't save it and re-use it.  I keep a bucket of bleach water on my counter, dumped at the end of every day and made new the next morning, only for countertops.  Some people are afraid of bleach so they use essential oils.  I'm not afraid of bleach because NOTHING kills countertop germs like bleach.  I have a cutting board (wooden) where I label one side with a V for veggies and the other side with an M for meat.  I clean the meat side of the cutting board at least once a week with the bleach water and then let it dry and use food-grade mineral oil (from the hardware store) to renew it.  I also use that oil on the wooden handles from some of my kitchen utensils and they last a lot longer that way.  I do not put any of these things into a dishwasher because I do not use a dishwasher, but nothing with a wooden handle should be run through a dishwasher for those of you who do use one.

Nevertheless, there's some good info here.  Watch the vid if you want, but it's pretty much a common sense thing.


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