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April 18, 2023 6:59 am  #1

You know what I think the biggest change will be?

I think ALL of the burger patties will be made of vegetable matter (you know, like dog food is?) because I doubt there will be any meat in them at all, not when I saw the price of beef at the grocery store yesterday.  Good God, I paid $22+ dollars for 3 1/2 pounds of 93% - 7% burger.  Time for me to order in bulk again it looks like.  We have a local place where I can get it all ground and packaged and delivered for about $5/pound and I KNOW IT'S REAL BEEF.  You can usually tell by the smell, or maybe it's just me because I grew up on a beef farm, my gramma used a lot of our own beef and it has it's own smell when it comes from purely grass fed cows.

I wonder what kind of changes they are gonna make to the big mac and the big breakfasts??  Didn't really say except that they are working on a "new" secret sauce for the big mac.  Not really a big deal, but I like the idea of the onions fried right along with the burgers.

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