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Just jokin' around! » QUOTES & PUNS (keep adding to the list) » Yesterday 6:36 am

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"The losers don't get to win."  - - Alex Berenson

I just bought Alex's new book *well, it's on order but it came out to the public today, 11-30-21,*  called Pandemia.  He is such an astute person I just cannot WAIT to get and read the book.  Everywhere I went online to order it kept telling me they weren't in stock because they were all sold out.  So I'll order it whenever I can and be happy with that.

Ditto for Miranda DeVine's new book (It has a very long title and I can't remember what it is), but the book is about the criminality in the biden household for decades.  Oh wow, I simply cannot wait to read THAT one either.  So much to read, so little time with Christmas coming!   But I'll get it done eventually. 

I hope you order those 2 books, as well.  Reading a REAL BOOK is much better for you than surfing the net or messing around sliding your finger on a phone screen.  Sheesh, what stupidity American's have bought into with those stupidass phones.  Sheer nonsense.  But that's where America is going, sadly.  Stop it by reading a real, paper-pages, hard cover book.  Just do it.


ALL of the broken systems around the world » WHY does America do things like this? » Yesterday 5:37 am

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We elect the SCUMBAGS of the earth and then wonder why we're in hot water.

He (and you know who I'm talkin' about here) had an ENTIRE family of scumbag, but no, that didn't stop America from putting into the highest office in the land.  The man can barely speak 1 sentence without a teleprompter.

I mean, really, tell me we weren't 1,000 times better off when DJT was in office?  We were and everyone with half a brain that functions, knows we were.  You may not have liked DJT's style or his personality or whatever but the man was GOOD.  Let's face it he had everything running smoothly, ol' joe and his cabal of bastards and bimbos came along and within 24 hours of being sworn into office, he until everything.

But you read this and you decide what you think of the hapless but filthy rich biden family.  That laptop of hunter's is a true treasure trove.  Just wait and see.

Pull Up A Chair » SUCCESS!! » Yesterday 5:26 am

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Well, I'm done with my cataract surgery - had it yesterday and today I'm fully on the mend.  I'm still tired today but will be going to bed early and TRY to get some sleep.

Probably tomorrow I will be back posting stuff here full time.  I tried yesterday but I just couldn't look at a computer screen (the light), nor could I focus very well with my "operated eye".

As a footnote, I just wanted you all to know there are some GOOD PEOPLE left in this stinkin' rotten USA we have now.  My eye surgeon performed 2 "extra" surgeries yesterday (which meant I had to wait 2 extra hours for mine but I didn't care) because he was doing some volunteer surgery on the eyes of 2 servicemen from the nearby veterans hospital - as a public service, at his own expense, and he told me he is now on board to do several "volunteer" surgeries every month to help the veterans. 

Is that swell or what???  He's a great doctor and a great guy.  He did my first cataract surgery back in early November of 2014 and now he just completed my second eye yesterday.  I like him and he does wonderful work, but to tell you the truth, I'm glad I only have 2 eyes!!

But HOORAY for doctors who volunteer their time and expertise to ACTUALLY help others.  USA could still be the greatest country on earth but biden is destroying it faster than we can make it good again.

Let that sink wwwwwaaaaaaayyyyy into your brain.

Vote for the right people in 2022 and 2024 and we may still have some hope for this country, because right now we're circling the drain.

All of our broken political systems » Dimwit dumwit dems are such hypocrites » Yesterday 5:14 am

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This dood wants to defund the police in the state where he's running for gubner, but he has his own security because he lives on a military base.

Well geez, imagine that.  He has what he DOESN'T want you to have.  Typical, brainless, clueless democrap crybaby.

I truly wish every security detail, or what's considered a security detail, would go on strike and/or quit their jobs.  It's the absolute ONLY way to show these dimwit dems the true facts of life.

But they're all like ol' joe - - - they say one thing one day, and the next day it's a totally different story.  These people are such proven liars it's hard to understand why the media even covers shit like this, honestly it is.

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