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April 19, 2018 8:10 pm  #1

This is a duo!

It is both the recommendation for a book which everyone interested in food should read, and if you scroll down a way, there is an interesting 11 min vid about "what the hell went wrong with this picture" - - about antibiotic uses in animals, fish, and (imagine it) people. 

We humans think we are so smart but we have "smarted" our way right into the grip of wrongful death.  **Even the lady doing the Ted talk is somewhat wrong, to my way of thinking, because instead of encouraging people to build up their immune systems with natural mean, she is also cheerleading for the drug companies to "hurry up" and produce newer and better antibiotics.  Huh?  Why would we want to go there when this is what started this whole problem in the first place??  It doesn't make good sense but the vid is still worth watching, especially for newbies to the idea of hormone and antibiotic free foods.

(I originally found the info about the book from G. Watson over at David's blog - and I swiped it!  Thanks for sharing!!).

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