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August 3, 2022 9:38 pm  #1

She's a LOSER let's face it

Adam Kinzinger at least had the awareness to drop out of politics before he humiliated himself.  Cheney doesn't have the brain God gave a gopher so she's bring out the big guns.  Actually, not so much.  Lots of people don't even like Kevin Costner.  Personally, I can take him or leave him.  I've watched quite a few movies he's starred in but that doesn't mean I'm a fan.  One of his best, I thought, was The Bodyguard.  He's really not a "cowboy" as much as he tries to be one.  He's more the detective type.  Ditto for Tom Selleck, although I can stomach most of Selleck's western/war type movies.

In the article the author mentions how Costner made Dances with Wolves in WY.  WRONG. 


Dances with Wolves was made in South Dakota (up by Pierre actually, along the Missouri).  Anyone with the least amount of analytical talent online could find that out in about 2 seconds.  A LOT of the Indians in the movie were REAL LIVE INDIANS from right here in SD (now they're supposed to be called Native Americans but they'll always be indians to me because that's what we've always called them).  India Indians are a totally different breed of cats, so to speak.

Lizzy is desperate and it shows.  She SHOULD be desperate.  People HATE her for her Jan 6th nonsense and theatrics.  She's just a loser, face it Liz.

And believe me, here in SD, no one gives two tweets about a "Hollyweird endorsement".  It means nothing.

I saw 2 Wyoming ranchers on tv singing her praises and they should be ashamed of themselves.  Obviously they do not follow the DAILY news cycle and probably don't have the first clue what she's been up to in recent months.

A government which robs Peter to
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