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March 25, 2018 9:49 pm  #1

The goodness of oregano oil

Beats having those stupid vaccines, hands down, that's partly why the medical industry doesn't want you to know a thing about how well this stuff works.

I cannot stand the smell, but I use it anyway!  I rub it on the bottom of my feet after mixing it with a good carrier oil.

I also ordered some gelcaps but I couldn't tell that they were doing anything after a whole month (maybe I just didn't have a condition that needed treating at the time) so I make a hole in the end of the gelcap with a babypin or something similar and squeeze out the gel to rub on my feet.  Mine are made by Zane Hellas (got them on amazon) and here's what the bottle says, in part:  "Oregano Oil softgels: Wild and organic origanum vulgare heracleoticum hirtum, Min 86% Carvacrol, <2% Thymol.  500 mg per softgel = 375 mg extra virgin olive oil, 125 mg oregano essential oil, standardized to contain at least 86% Carvacrol 108mg.

That's it for what's on my bottle.

This is a very long article but well worth looking at because it specifically includes doses and uses for various ages of children.

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