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April 7, 2022 10:29 pm  #1

Weather: WIND, wind, wind

For 5 full days now, my area of the country has been enduring very high winds.  Some of the gusts have been clocked as high as 65 to 70 mph.  Yesterday morning, then again in the evening, we had some snow, about 1 to 1 1/2 inches, but it didn't last long.  Long enough to accumulate on the grass, however, and it was a nice wet snow, so that should help the fire danger outlook for a couple of days anyway.

Things are flying through the air if they aren't literally tied down to something heavier.  Garbage cans are rolling around in the streets. 

Yesterday we watched the birds floating on the air currents (it was just beautiful, and my neighbor and I actually think we saw some kind of protected eagle).  The thing had a HUGE wingspan.

According to the NOAA site, the winds are supposed to keep cranking all day today and into this evening, but by tomorrow morning they should die down a bit.  I need to get to the grocery store and I refuse to go when it's like this.  Makes it very hard to control the shopping cart when taking my things to the car to unload them from the cart to the back of the car.  Then I hafta unload them again when I get home and carry things into the house.  Not a fun project when it's so windy.  I'll wait it out !!

Still, if we get a bit more moisure in the form of snow next week, which is what is being predicted at this point in time, it will be worth the winds.  I'm not ready yet for hot days and fire danger warnings.  Yech.  I hate summer anyway and none of that helps me get into the spirit of liking it.  I'm also going to have to "test myself" in the sun this summer and hope I don't get the terrible sunburn I suffered last year.  Without knowing I was getting burned at all, I actually blistered part of the right side of my body.  Funny thing is, my feet and legs (which were also exposed to sunlight) didn't burn at all, but browned nicely like a suntan.  How weird. 

Anyhooo, I'm sick of the wind and hope it really does die down overnight and tomorrow will be better.  After I clean up and put my yard back together, it'll probably start blowing again - - that's my luck.

I also need to be able to get outside to do my usually daily walks up and down the street a few times, for my balance and for general exercise and fresh air.  I need that so I've missed not being able to get out and do it.  Also, tomorrow I'm meeting with some of my old lady friends for coffee in the afternoon (always fun and interesting for a change of pace) so I'm looking forward to that if the wind goes down.  We live on hope, right?!!

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