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January 31, 2018 9:30 pm  #1

People will believe anything

Especially if it is about a possible "breakthrough" in conquering some disease.  We've seen this in the press for decades, just like the old "give til it hurts" or "with your dime you can help" the March of Dimes with this disease or that disease. What a pile of steaming BS.  The biggest scam of all is the cancer research farce.  They have no more interest in finding a way to get rid of cancer (I don't use the word cure because there'll never be one) than the man in the moon has of being made of cheese.

Lies, more lies and damned lies. That's how they "sell" this to the public fools.  What amazes me is that people are still dumb enough to give money!  I give to the salvation army and to the Shiners Hospital for children and to a local mission for Native American children - that's it because I trust those places to actually use the money properly, not having it wind up in some rich person's bank account.

QUOTE FROM ARTICLE:  "If you have a lot of time on your hands, copy the headlines above and track what happens over the next few years. See if any of the “possible breakthroughs” actually turns into a useful medical treatment."

This is so true - none of those promises ever go anywhere.

Good article here and he makes a couple of good points.


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