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October 14, 2021 8:11 pm  #1

THIS is biden's new America

Makes me want to throw up.

When I was growing up, do you KNOW what the other boys, *REAL BOYS*, would have done to this kid??  Hell, even I would have been in on that beatdown.

But it's not the fault of the kids that they are confused today.  It's the PARENTS fault. 

Those parents who stand up for their kids are heckled and hit with monetary fines or "jail time" (whatever that is now); those who don't stand up TO their kids, teach them right from wrong and that there really are 2 sexes, and let them believe that boys can be girls and vice versa, THOSE are the parents who are creating this problem.  They are probably doing it at the behest of the democrap party who have probably offered them PAY to do all of this.  There's just no way, other than monetary bribery, that people can be so stupid.

I cannot for the life of me think of one single thing the biden administration has done right yet. Even Jen Psaki and her lying words cannot cover up the devastation any longer.  No wonder she's retiring soon.

The list of what they've done wrong is simply too long to list anymore.  And everyone knows the big ones because that's all anyone can talk about right now, which is another problem.  NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT'S GOING ON AROUND THEM, UNDER THE STARS.  Schiff and Co. are in the "basement" again, I believe, dreaming up ways to "get back at President Trump through the people".  Those people are truly insane and should be put under the care of a doctor (I do not believe in psychiatry  - -  what a racket). 

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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