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October 9, 2021 3:40 am  #1

Snakes? Alligators? Crocodiles?

Yeah, just release a few thousand of EACH ONE OF THOSE SPECIES into the Rio Grande River and we could instantly solve the "border crisis".  MS-13 up against a rattler?  Heh, yeah - now that would be a good thing.  Illegals of all kinds up against a croc?  Even better.

It falls on deaf ears, however. 

After about 11 months of saying this same thing, I've decided that America really doesn't WANT to solve the border crisis or they could do it in a heartbeat.  There are ways this could be done, a little at a time, and NO ONE could/would be blamed.  You can't be blamed for something you're not caught doing, at least not in the real world; heck, if your an illegal even if you're doing something illegal, no problemo. 

Gang members laugh at the border guards.  They just showed it on tv on Bret Baier's program, after bumbling biden tried to give some sort of speech where he's blaming President Trump for his (biden's) mistakes.  I couldn't make myself finish listening to that tongue-tied moron, so I muted the tv until Bret was back.  I'm so tired of biden blaming everyone else for his own problems and mistakes.  He even blames people from his own party!  It's just insane.  We need leadership, but where it's going to come from, I have no idea.

God help us all.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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