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January 20, 2018 2:50 am  #1

Trump, as President, is a big problem for democreeps


"Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” is the instruction manual anti-Trump leftists are actively using in an attempt to tear down the basic principles of the American way of life in order to create a socialist society where capitalism no longer exists.Trump, in office, is a BIG, problem for them.  He’s not just another hack politician.   He, and his experts, have analyzed the entire American system of ossified bureaucracies and know where democracy and good government have been eroded and turned into the Washington Swamp he has vowed to clean up.Dirty politics are not a mystery to Trump, either.  His tweets are designed to keep everyone hopping and not sure what he will do next. These tweets are also the best way to get through the fake news industry to get the news out.  And, if you think he’s a rude SOB – well, get over it.  The trick is to surf the net to find sources of more reliable information that is covering what Trump is really doing and spread the word as best you can."

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A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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