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March 9, 2021 12:28 am  #1

If not Trump, then who?

The author of this piece has no trouble complaining and criticizing DJT, but he makes no suggestions about who to run in 2024, either.  When I started reading this article, I felt sure he would make a suggestion as to who we COULD rely on in the future (republican), but he did no such thing.


Well, here's my feeling:  Trump learned quite a bit in his 4 years (what little time he had to concentrate because of the constant barrage of fake dimpocrap accusations against him) and I don't think he did a terrible job, but he also had no political background, and his foes knew that and took advantage of it, including his back-stabbing VP.

Well, see, NOW Trump HAS some political background and it can't possibly hurt a future run, and NOTHING COULD HURT AMERICA MORE THAN THIS BIDEN/HARRIS ADMINISTRATION.  Roberts fails to mention any of that in his piece. 

Read it at your own peril.  Maybe Roberts' cat bit him before he started that column.  Clearly he wasn't intending to help anything, just to bash Trump - - but for what purpose??  Apparently he doesn't think experience means a thing, at least not where Trump's future in politics is concerned.  That's too bad and all we can do is hope he's wrong, OR that the republican party comes up with another STRONG contender.

A government which robs Peter to
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