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November 21, 2020 5:57 am  #1

Weather: Blizzard of '49 (this is fascinating)

57 minutes, but just plain fascinating facts from people who were actually there during it all.  I have always been infatuated with learning about wintery, snowy storms.  This storm of '49 didn't have a name because they didn't do that back then, but we had one here (not far from the area talked about in this video) in 2013 called Atlas.  Luckily our temperatures were never really all that cold but the wind chill was bad.

Some of the scenes in this video are remarkable, just breathtaking.

I have also read a book about the Blizzard of '49 which covered the Minneapolis area, and were basically interviews done with the people who were trying to survive that one.  Some trapped at work, some trapped in their cars, etc.

But the storm in this video and the people talking about it say the snow was just plain hard pellets - -  while it was blowing around it felt like salt hitting their faces, and then there was thunder and lightning and many other fascinating weather oddities during and after the 3 day storm. 

I hope you watch it, enjoy it and also learn from it.  I love this area of the country, blizzards or not.  The area of this state where I grew up (the middle of the state in a northerly direction about 60 miles from the ND border along the Missouri River) had terrible blizzards in the 1950's and 60's where our ranch was located.  That area is so flat and treeless you could almost see the end of the earth from there!  The only trees were planted by people like my grandfather, who planted shelter belts to protect homes, barns, feedlots, etc.  I remember one blizzard in particular where the snow was so deep, my twin brothers built literal "hallways" of tunnels through the snowpack, from the house to the well, so they could take turns going out to break the ice so we could keep the cattle watered, and then from the "clean pipe" end, we used the water for the house.  No plumbing so going to the outhouse/bathroom was quite a deal (I'll let you use your imagination).  Mom would only allow us kids to go outdoors during the daytime but it really didn't matter because we couldn't tell daytime from nighttime, the snow was blocking all the windows.  It was fun and terrible at the same time.

Please watch the video, you might actually learn something.  (heaven forbid, right?!!)

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